Trefriw Village Hall repairs

The refurbishment of our village hall is making good progress and we are anticipating it will be reopen for full use in February.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s been done and plans for the next few weeks.

We have had to work within a tight budget but are confident that, in consultation with relevant experts and contractors, we will have achieved the best solutions in relation to the funds available.

Residents will have an early opportunity to view the work that has been done and see some before and after photos at our scheduled public meeting about the village playparks and toilets on Saturday, 18 January.  We look forward to seeing you there and thank you for your patience during the hall refurbishment.

Refurbishments already completed:
– emptied the flooding from the underfloor cavity which had caused the old floor to rot and be removed;
– fully investigated the potential causes of the flooding, and mended the broken drains found to be responsible;
– dried out the underfloor cavity and joists, laid a damp proof course and insulation;
– laid a subfloor over the joists upon which the engineered oak top floor will be laid (this subfloor is what residents will see on 18 January);
– replaced the old infrared heaters with more efficient programmable electric wall heaters;
– cleaned the walls and windows inside the main hall, and redecorated the walls which had become scuffed and marked by use over time.

The remaining work will be completed in the next few weeks.  This includes:
– laying the engineered oak top floor;
– replacing the fluorescent tube lighting with more efficient LED;
– replacing damaged ceiling tiles;
– thoroughly cleaning the hall, kitchen and toilets;
– clearing the outside paths around the hall;
– completing relevant safety checks.

We will be putting a call out for volunteers to help us with the cleaning and path clearance – please do get in touch if you would like to help.   And if you would like to enquire about booking the hall from February onwards please contact our Clerk either by email to or by calling or texting to 07305 316095. Please remember that the Clerk’s position is part time but she will respond to any enquiries at the earliest opportunity.

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