Gwydir Reservoir Safety Works Update – February 2020

Following the completion of reservoir safety works to Llyn Cyfty, Llyn Goddionduon and Llyn Sarnau in December 2019, NRW is delivering reservoir safety works at a fourth local reservoir Llyn Tynymynydd. We have appointed a new contractor, Jones Brothers Civil Engineering Ltd, to carry out these works which are due to start on site from early March 2020.

The works at Llyn Tynymynydd include the construction of a new rock spillway, repairs and buttressing to the existing embankment and improved emergency response access and telemetry for ongoing operation and maintenance. Works are anticipated to last six months with an anticipated completion date of August 2020.

There shall be considerable material being brought to site to complete these works and the contractor’s large vehicles and material deliveries will largely be using our forest road network beginning at NRW’s Sawbench car park. There will however be sections of the public road being used at times and measures shall be put in place to minimise disruption whilst upholding the safety of haulers and the public.

We shall continue to work closely with all stakeholders to ensure our works avoid any disruption and we shall provide a further update on progress in March.


The reservoir safety works shall continue to be carefully managed to minimise disruption to landowners, local people and visitors to the Forest. For all enquiries please contact the NRW Project Manager, Andrew Basford on 03000 65 3846 or email

For general info about the project, please visit our website link below.  Thank you. projects/gwydir-reservoirs

Basford, Andrew, 26/02/2020



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