Trefriw Community Council formally objects to the removal of BT payphone at Gowers Road

Trefriw Community Council are currently involved in a consultation via Conwy County Borough Council with British Telecom regarding the intended removal of the public payphone/telephone box at the top of Gowers Road. We have been advised that the current usage figures for the last 12 months show that only 26 calls have been made from the payphone and, unfortunately, the location and the usage does not fall within the overriding criteria as notified to us to allow the payphone to remain.

At the Council meeting on 3rd December, Trefriw Community Council unanimously voted to OBJECT to the removal of the payphone/telephone box and a formal communication has been sent to Conwy County Borough Council to stipulate this. Our objection has been acknowledged and we have received confirmation that this will be forwarded on to British Telecom. At present, we await the outcome of our objection but we will provide an update as soon as we are able.

Should anyone have any queries in regard to this then please contact our Clerk.

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