Cemetery Forms

These forms can be downloaded from the site, obtained from your funeral director or direct from the Clerk.

CM1 Notice of Interment  

This form is sent to the Clerk with a copy of the death certificate at least 48 hours before a funeral. Your funeral director will usually take care of it.

CM2 Application for Memorial 

Application form to grant the right to erect a memorial or place an inscription on a grave you own.

CM3 Statutory Declaration

Application for the re-opening of a purchased grave, consent to burial and changes to memorials where the original owner is unable to sign.

CM4 Form of Assent

Using this form the Executor or Administrator of a Last Will & Testament can authorise the transfer of the exclusive right of burial in a grave to another person.

CM5 Renunciation of Rights

The form to use when you wish to give up any rights you may have to burial in a grave in the cemetery.

CM6 Deceased Intestate

This is the form to use to apply for burial if if the deceased did not leave a Will.

CM7 Assignment of Right of Burial

The grave owner can use this form when he wishes to pass the right to be buried in a grave to someone else

CM8 Permit to Renovate or Inscribe a Memorial

You’ll need this if you want to renovate or add an inscription to a memorial. Monumental masons are not allowed to work in the cemetery without this permit.